Welcome at my waterfronTour of Rotterdam.

Starting at Delfshaven were you can come with the subway or Tram, from the stopover it is less than 5 min walk 2 the Historic Delfshaven

Go for a drink in an old Bar, the Oude Sluis,



Walk back to Delfshaven or 2e Schansstraat and go 2 the Euromast or to SSRotterdam with the tram 8 with direction Kleiweg and get out at Pieter de Hoochweg for SSRotterdam (250m walk to watertaxi or Waterbus), next stop is Euromast.


Go 2 the Top with the Euroscope and see Rotterdam of 185metres panorama view

Around the Euromast there are lot of other activities, like minigolf, Berenboot, pannenkoeken boot and the Splash https://rotterdam.splashtours.nl/en/arrangement/splashtours/

After visiting this nice view of Rotterdam, you can walk back to Sint Jobshaven, this is across the Euromast

Take here the Watertaxi to

the SS Rotterdam

It is free 2 go for a drink at the Deck and see Rotterdam from the other side. There are also tours inside this Ship. https://ssrotterdam.nl/

After you can walk toward Hotel New York.

If you are tired, you can take the  Watertaxi 2 Erasmusbrug.  See my post further with Spido

At Hotel New York you also can eat and drink. https://hotelnewyork.nl/

Walk after visiting or seeing this old building at the Pier Kop van Zuid around the Rijnhaven.

Or.....walk via the waterfront to the HEF

See the old Poort building

Villa Zebra, children museum


Watch the HEF. The old railway bridge

Walk further, at the head of Noordereiland

Also you can choose walking to the oude haven via the Willemsbrug

When you walk left side.

When you walk right side. 

Enter the Oude Haven with lot of restaurants and Bars.

My favourite is Vader Kleinjan http://vaderkleinjan.nl/

Or have something different = appartt


Or the other bars and restaurants 

Visit the cubehouses, one you can visit https://www.kubuswoning.nl/

Get up the WitteHuis with a tour guide of https://www.walkingtoursrotterdam.com/rotterdamse-iconen-wandeling

Enjoy the view

If you walk back 2 the waterfront it is a nice walk  to the Erasmus bridge

Watch at evening from the Willemsbrug

Or take a boat trip with https://rebus-info.nl

Walk 2 the end of LeuvehavenHoofd.

Sit and relax of the view

Here you can choose going to the Leuvehaven with old ships and the Maritiem museum https://www.maritiemmuseum.nl/

Or walk across 2 the Erasmus bridge and drink or eat some at Prachtig https://www.prachtigrotterdam.nl/

Take the SPIDO https://www.spido.nl/

Across the Spido you also can take a city tour with the Tram


Walk further and you can take again the waterbus 2 Dordrecht and Kinderdijk or other places 

Walk to the Veerhaven and here is a good photo hotspot

If you like ships go 2 the parkkade, 400m further were also is the famous Ballentent, with best homemade meatballs. https://www.deballentent.nl/