Welcome and join the City touRotterdam.

You can see some highlight photos and things 2do.

Enjoy the City

From Rotterdam Central Station you can walk straight on, via Westersingel or Mauritsweg. At Eendrachtsplein you see the artwork SantaKlaus (nickname kabouter Buttplug)

Cross the road 2 the next crosspoint and you see at the right the SpiegelenDePot



A coverphoto I made and the photo below is one of many views of the rooftop from the Depot

The Witte de Withstraat

with lot of bars and restaurants and hotels

At the end of the street you see the Leuvehaven with Maritiem Museum https://www.maritiemmuseum.nl/

Zadkine monument, stad zonder hart


Less than 500m walking you see the cubehouses and the Oude Haven were you can eat and drink.

At the other side you will see the Markthal, you have to see it yourself inside.

Also you can choose for a special tour https://en.walkingtoursrotterdam.com/markthal-tour

Visit the Laurenskerk, you can't miss it.


You also can visit the rooftop of the tower only with a guide from the church. 


Walk via the Hoogstraat to the Koopgoot. 

In the middle of the Koopgoot you can go right to the Coolsingel. Here you can see the City Hall. During weekdays you can visit the garden in the middle of it.

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